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Table of Contents

What's new in Application Control?
Product Overview
Product Architecture
Application Control Console
Application Control Security Methods
Application Control for Linux
Applying Rule Sets
Deployment Notes
Service Packs
About Configurations
Maintain Configurations
Global Settings
Trusted Owners
Extension Filtering
Application Termination
Message Settings
Policy Change Request
Help Desk Portal
Advanced Settings
Signature Hashing
Configuration Profiler
Configuration Change Tracking
Privilege Discovery Mode
Web Services Configuration
Privilege Discovery Results
Group Management
Group Rules
User Rules
Device Rules
Custom Rules
Scripted Rules
Process Rules
Rules Options
Allowed Items
Denied Items
Trusted Vendors
User Privilege Rules
UAC Replacement
Browser Control
Rule Items
Condition Management
Control Applications
Use Process Rules to Restrict Access to FTP
Wildcards and Regular Expressions
Rules Examples
User Privileges
Privilege Management
User Privilege Management Use Cases
System Controls
Elevate a Group to Allow Microsoft OneDrive to be Uninstalled
Prevent the Windows Firewall Service from Being Stopped
Prevent the System Log from being cleared
Application Network Access Control
Endpoint Configuration Merging
Event Viewer
Endpoint Analysis
Rules Analyzer
Sample Scripts
Script Sample: Create UPM Policies
Script Sample: Add User Privileges Component
Script Sample: Edit User Privileges Component
Configuration Object
Configuration Helper Object
Importing and Exporting Scripted Rules
Citrix XenApp
App-V5.0 Support