Get Started with CAM

The following topics help you get started with CAM, and provide the information you need before, during, and after installation.

  • Getting Started Checklist
  • Setup Wizard
  • Discovery
  • Using the CAM mApp
  • Install the CAM Agent on Multiple Machines by IP Address
  • Install the CAM Agent to Machines Listed in the Machines Panel
  • Add Purchasing Information
  • Add CAM SaaS Analytics Information
  • Run Reports
  • Metering
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    • What's a license unit?
      As you work with CAM, you may notice the term license unit instead of terms like application or suite. In CAM, license units, suites, and applications are defined as:
      • License unit: A collection of one or more versions of suites or applications used in reporting to determine which products are present on machines throughout the company to ensure license compliance. Typically, the applications or suites that make up a license unit differ only by version.
      • Suite: A collection of two or more applications that are sold as a bundle (for example, Microsoft Office) in several possible configurations.
      • Application: A single version of an application.
    • How can I free up CAM licenses from machines I’m no longer using?

      When a machine is moved to the Machines panel’s Deleted machines folder, a CAM license is made available for use. When a machine is restored (and thus removed from the Deleted machines folder), a CAM license is used, and that machine’s data is again available in reports.

    • How do I add more CAM licenses?

      Contact your Cherwell sales representative or contact us. Once you purchase additional CAM licenses, you’ll receive a new license key. Go to CAM Administrator and select the Status panel, then the Licensed Features section. Enter your new license key here.

    • What do I do if CAM is not seeing some of the software applications installed on our computers?

      Use the Contribute to the CSID feature to run the CAM AppScanner utility, which collects information about application files on the selected machine(s). This finds applications that do not yet exist in the Cherwell Software Identification Database (CSID). For more information, see CAM AppScanner.