Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) Integration


Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) is a protocol used to access information in a directory service (a directory stored on a server). LDAP integrates by connecting to the directory service, mapping objects, and enabling security settings to import the Users into CSM.


When sharing data with LDAP, Users should:

  • Connect directly to directory service using LDAP.
  • Import the LDAP Customer data into the CSM Customer-Internal Business Object (after mapping the Customer-Internal Business Object to the LDAP Directory Service).
  • Edit web.config files to enforce redirecting HTTP requests to HTTPS for a better, more secure logon experience.

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Steps to Integrate

Perform the following high-level steps to import/link LDAP data. The detailed step-by-step instructions are also in the Directory Services section in our online help.

Most steps are performed in CSM Administrator, within a Blueprint.

  1. In the CSM Administrator main window, click the Blueprints category, and then click the Create a New Blueprint task.
  2. Configure CSM Directory Services Settings: Defines how CSM connects with an LDAP Directory Service. After configuring CSM, configure both or either:
  3. Enable Authentication: Turn on LDAP authentication.