Outlook Add-In Good to Know

  • The CSM Outlook® Add-In is a CSM client that enables you to interact with CSM Business Object Records directly from within Microsoft® Outlook®.
  • Download and use the Cherwell Outlook Add-In from Microsoft Outlook. The interface includes:
  • Use the Outlook Integration Manager to create Outlook Integration Configurations, which determine how the Add-In behaves and which Business Objects e-mails can be linked to.
  • Specify default Integration Configurations for each Role. Defaults define who sees what in the Outlook Integration (which Roles can see which Outlook Integrations).
  • The Cherwell Outlook Add-In consumes one of the CSM concurrent licenses. If the Add-In is installed, the license is taken while Outlook is running. However, if both the Cherwell Outlook Add-In and the CSM Desktop Client and/or the CSM Browser Client are used, only a single license is used.
  • System is the only available scope. Create subfolders underneath this scope to organize items.

  • Use the Manager Context (right-click) menu to quickly access menu bar/toolbar options.