Forcing the Upload of Shadow Files from a Client Upon User Log Off

Use scomc.exe with the fetch, dismount, and maxround options in your client log off scripts to force the upload of shadow files to the server.

Upon user log off, the client will close any open shadow files and attempt to upload them to the server. If the client cannot complete the upload before the log off has finished, any remaining shadow files will be uploaded the next time the user logs in.

As the closing of shadow files in preparation for upload from the client to server can take time (dependent on file size and quantity), specifying the maxround option ensures the client checks for closed shadow files a sufficient number of times.


scomc.exe -fetch –dismount -maxround<# of attempts>


-fetch – Specifies that shadow files are to be retrieved from the client.

-dismount – Dismounts removable media devices from the client.

-maxround – Specifies the maximum number of attempts to upload and remove shadow files from a client. Retry attempts accepted are 2 to 9 (no value or any value outside that range will result in no retry attempts).

Important: The maxround option must be the last option specified in the command line.

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