Column Headers

The column headers display the title of the columns.

In addition to displaying column titles, you can use column headers to:

  • Sort results to classify the results and display them in a specified order depending on the value for the log entry (or log entries) in one or more columns.
  • Show/hide columns to determine what information is displayed for each result in the report.
  • Change the size of the displayed columns by dragging the column header dividers to the left or right.
  • Change the order in which the columns are displayed by dragging and dropping the column titles in the column headers.
  • Group log entries to display a single report row corresponding to multiple log entries grouped according to the values in one column.
  • Display computed columns to display calculated values such as a count of the number of log entries in a grouped result, the maximum value, minimum value, sum of values, or average value.
  • You can make changes to the columns to display different information from the log entries without re-executing the query.
  • You can also use the column context menu to access the advanced query settings for the template.

Any on-the-fly changes you make to the column headers are saved in the template that you are currently using.

  • Show/Hide Columns
    You can show or hide selected columns of log entry information.
  • Group Log Entries
    You can group multiple log entries into single report rows according to the values in one or more column log entries.
  • Computed Columns
    You can include computed columns in your report.
  • Clear Columns Settings
    You can reset columns to original values by clearing the sort and group filters.

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