Select and Edit Templates Dialog

The Select and edit templates dialog is used to select, add, edit, import, export, schedule, and run templates.

The Select and edit templates columns are described in the following table:




Lists all existing templates that you can access.


Indicates whether the template is currently selected.


The template owner with full rights to use and edit the template.


Indicates whether the template can be viewed or changed by users other than the Owner.


Indicates whether the template is used to create automatic reports periodically.

Format Delivery

Indicates whether schedule reports are e-mailed or where the reports are stored.

When you right-click the main panel of the Select and edit templates dialog, the Templates right-click menu appears.

The options available in the Templates menu depend on whether you have a template selected when you opened the menu.

You can use the Templates menu to:

  • Create a new template or clone an existing template.
  • Change the settings of a selected template.
  • Delete a selected template.
  • Import templates in XML format or legacy format (*.tmpl) from the registry.
  • Export a selected template to an XML file.
  • Execute a query to retrieve all log entries that match the criteria defined in the currently selected template, and display these in the Log Explorer window.
  • Filter the templates shown in the Select and Edit Templates dialog.
  • Filtering Templates
    You can create subsets of the templates listed in the Select and Edit Templates dialog.

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