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What's new?

Version 2019.3

Upgrading to 2019.3

Best advice on how to upgrade your appliances can be found on our Upgrades help page.

Performance and user data dashboard updates

File Director provides a syslog stream which can be configured to point to third party applications. The data can then be indexed and reported upon in order to monitor the health of the File Director cluster and status of user data sync.

We have produced a sample set of dashboards using open source Elastic Stack. The dashboards can be downloaded for free from the Ivanti Marketplace and used as they are, or further tailored for your own requirements.

In this update we have introduced the User Data dashboard, and updates to the existing overview and performance dashboards.

For a description of dashboard components and how to interpret their data refer to Dashboards.

Improved Troubleshooting and Supportability

Several new features have been added to the Admin console:

Manage cluster
The Clustering tab is now always visible to facilitate the configuration of the cluster via the web admin console.
See Clustering for further information.

Kerberos secondary authentication
File Director can now support 2-factor authentication to further protect web interface access.
Refer to Kerberos Authentication.

Backup configuration-only
It is now possible to specify Configuration-only and exclude user data from your backup files.
Refer to Backup and Restore.

Secure Shell (SSH) access improvement
Previously SSH could be configured only via your VM console. Now you can configure this via the Advanced configuration dialog.

Service_user account
Linked to SSH, the appliance service_user account provides shell access and requires key-based authentication for its use. It enables you to perform an authenticated vulnerability scan, for example.

File Director telemetry

Basic telemetry has been in place since 2019 SP1and is used to help us measure the reliability and usage of our products. It can help us prioritize, and focus upon the areas which are most valuable to customers.

The current release of File Director, sees telemetry data expanded to include feature usage from the client, and server.
For further information refer to Telemetry.

Previous releases:

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This page refers to an older version of the product.
View the current version of the online Help.