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Version 2019.1 SP2

Cache Statistics - auditing enhancement

A local event log entry is now created at every logon, providing local cache statistics on a per user basis. For further information see Cache management.


Version 2019.1 SP1

Cache management – pause logoff until sync completed

Our market leading cache management feature now provides the ability for Administrators to delay user logoff until the user’s local cache is fully in sync with the server.

The messaging presented to the user whilst the pause is in progress is configurable as is the pause duration. Both parameters are configurable on a per machine basis.

In addition, if you manage PST files using File Director you can configure the logoff pause to wait for files that require a shadow sync to complete prior to logging off. For details on how to configure this feature please refer to Cache management.

Logoff pause reporting

Two local event log entries are created for each instance of a logoff pause. This data can then be reported centrally via the Ivanti Management Center:

Event ID: 9820 – Source: Ivanti File Director – Error: Timeout occurred waiting for cache to be in-sync.

Event ID: 9821 – Source: Ivanti File Director – Information: Sync status of the user’s local cache.

Event ID: 9822 – Source: Ivanti File Director – Information: Duration of the Logoff pause in seconds.

Finally, over a 24-hour period the logoff pause data on each client is aggregated and included within the Syslog stream outputted by the server(s). This data could then be tracked and presented within a syslog dashboard.

File Director telemetry

Telemetry data can help us measure the quality, scalability, reliability and capabilities of our products. Using such data could enable us to deliver the solutions our customers demand faster, and alert us to areas which customers would find less useful.

In this release of File Director, we have introduced some basic telemetry into the product. For further information refer to Telemetry.htm

Database encryption

It is now possible to enforce SSL encryption on the connection to the external MS SQL Server database. It can be enabled by checking the Require SSL checkbox in the Database Settings section of the Cluster tab. For further information refer to Clustering.htm

Improvements in online help usability

There is a wealth of user information contained within File Director product help and we continue to work towards improving access and usability.

In this product release we have introduced the use of context-sensitive help. Many File Directordialogs and screens now carry a help icon which, when clicked, will open the relevant help topic directly.

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