File Director for administrators

What's new?

Version 2020.2

In addition to code enhancements and bug fixes the following features are included in this release:

Web Proxy Support

File Director can now be configured to use a web proxy for external services connections such as OneDrive, Google Drive and Box for example. Refer to Advanced Configuration Options.

Cluster Wide Maintenance Mode Activation

A cluster of File Director appliances can now be disabled simultaneously with a single click, reducing the time and effort previously demanded when performing environment wide maintenance or troubleshooting.
Refer to Clustering.

OneDrive Storage – Additional Character Support

Paths containing the characters # and % will now successfully sync with OneDrive storage.

Easier Access to Further Information

In addition to this online help system, Ivanti provides a wealth of supporting information in the form of online documents, help videos and curated community articles.

In the 2020.2 release we have collated these resources into a summary table and made this available via the Release Notes and from the online Help landing page.

Previous releases:

Useful links


The File Director Appliance

Appliance Prerequisites

Install the File DirectorAppliance

Configure the Appliance Network Identity

Appliance Set Up

Apply a File Director Patch

Backup and Restore

Server Configuration

Kerberos authentication


Advanced Configuration Options


Client Configuration

Roll Out File Director to Users

Windows Client Advanced Configuration


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