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File Director for administrators

What's new?

Version 2020.3

In addition to code enhancements and bug fixes the following features are included in this release:

Windows Client Policy Tool

The Policy Tool transforms the way you can configure settings fundamental to how File Director operates.

This short video summarizes the use of the Policy Tool:

Windows Client Policy Tool video

The tool has two components:

Client Config
Lists all the engineering keys available, enabling you to see at-a-glance both the settings, and an overview of what they do.

Sync Rules page
Provides an expression builder tool; it allows you to quickly and simply build rules that will further control which files and folders File Director will include – or exclude - from synchronization.

Refer to Windows Client Policy Tool.

Scan Outside Profile

File Director 2020.3 introduces a new feature to discover data outside of the user’s profile.

The scan is performed using a configuration which includes parameters that administrators can set. It identifies files that match these parameters.

Reports are generated to show an administrator which files have been found on a user’s endpoint outside the profile, and the administrator can then decide whether or not these files require managing using File Director.

Refer to Scan Outside Profile.

DHCP Support

Support for DHCP and the ability to configure File Director network settings via the admin console has now been added. Refer to Appliance Network Identity.


File Director now offers a supported public API which allows customers to deploy appliance upgrades either to their standalone appliance or to a cluster of appliances. Refer to REST API.

Deprecation of WebDAV map points

Support for WebDAV is deprecated from 2020.3. Existing WebDAV connection strings will remain valid but new connections cannot be created and saved.

Note: Removal of link-based sharing

The 2020.3 release of File Director no longer supports link based sharing. When the upgrade is applied, any quick links created previously will no longer work and external logon will no longer be possible.


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