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Version 2020.1

Box Cloud Connector

File Director can now be configured to connect to utilize Box cloud storage for user home map points. Once configured, users can update files within their home directory using File Director on any of the supported platforms and will see the changes seamlessly sync with their corporate Box storage.

For configuration and deployment steps please refer to the
Box connector for home map points.

This short video summarizes the use of Box cloud storage with File Director.

Box Cloud Connector video

Persistent ghost files

The Windows client can now present local and non-local files to the user based on a cached listing from the server. This allows non-local (ghost) files to be presented even where a connection to the network has not yet been established or has been temporarily dropped.

The offline user is prevented from interacting with files that are present on the server but not yet downloaded or held locally and they are notified accordingly via a (customizable) tray message .

For user information on the display and availability of Windows files see Windows file transfer status.

For information about management of this feature see
Tray notifications
and Client-side Auditing.

File Director and secure LDAP

Administrators can now configure secure LDAP communication between the File Director appliance and Active Directory.

If you are not using a publicly trusted root certificate you will need to add the certificate from your internal (or private) Certificate Authority (CA) to the File Director appliance.

This can be done from the SSL Certificates section within the File Director Admin Console. Adding the certificate enables validation of the certificate signature.

For further details see Using a private or Enterprise CA.

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