Creating a New Report Using the Report Wizard

You can use the Cherwell Report Wizard to creating a new Report step by step using the Cherwell Report Writer. You can modify a Report created using the Wizard at any time using the Report Designer.

To create a new Report:

  1. Open the Report Wizard.
  2. Select a Reporting tool: Select Cherwell Report Writer to create a new CSM Report.
  3. Select a Business Object and Saved Search: Define the data set to use.
  4. Select Fields for the Report: Select the specific information Fields to display (example: Incident Category, Priority, Status).
  5. Create calculated Fields (optional): Add custom Fields using string manipulation, math calculations, and date/time functions.
  6. Select the Fields to sort the Report: Specify one or more Fields (including calculated Fields) to determine how the data will be sorted.
  7. Set up the Fields to group the Report data: Specify one or more Fields to use to group data (example: Group by Incident Subcategory).
  8. Pick a date/time format for grouping Fields: Define the display format (DD/MM/YY, MM/DD/YY, etc.) for Fields grouped using a date/time Field.
  9. Define the Report title, set up page headers and footers, and select a chart (the chart is optional).
  10. If you select a chart, define the chart characteristics.
  11. Click Finish to run the Report and open the Report Designer.