Create Device Groups

You can organize devices into logical groupings that can share unique user access permissions.

You can:

  • Create a new device class group at the upper level.
  • Add devices to the same device class group.
  • Move devices between groups.
  1. In the Management Console, select View > Modules > Device Explorer.
  2. Expand the hierarchical device structure from Default settings level.
  3. Right-click any device class at the highest level.
  4. Select Insert Device Group from the right-mouse menu.
    A new device sub-class group structure is displayed.
  5. Type a name for the new device group sub-class.
  6. Press ENTER.

You can add any device of the same device class to the new device group.

Tip: You can drag-and-drop devices from one device group to another within the same device class, or you can right-click a device and use Cut and Paste from the right-mouse menu to move devices between groups.

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