Microsoft Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Limitations

Learn about the limitations of managing USB Virtual Devices in Microsoft VDI.

  • Only USB devices are supported and are not connected as actual devices (no encryption, filtering supported):
    • Windows Portable devices don’t expose a file system: they have no drive letter and aren’t exposed via \\tsclient\X
    • DVD burning isn’t done via file system so it isn’t supported by \\tsclient\X exposed drives.
    • Shadowing isn’t supported on \\tsclient\X exposed drives.
    • Printing isn’t done via \\tsclient\X exposed drives.
  • The thin client requires adding the ESDI DLL to the system32 folder and the regkey set to point to it.
  • No encryption of devices is supported as they are not connected as USB.
  • Device log events can be used to create special device permissions. The device is not connected so requesting a devices list from the machine will not work.
  • File shadowing is not supported as devices are not in a mode where files are intercepted as being copied.

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