Enrolling devices

With Modern Device Management, you can enroll your Android and iOS devices, Macbooks and iMacs, Windows Desktops, and Chromebooks, allowing you to manage the device. You can enroll these devices using an Ivanti agent app, Windows Autopilot, or Apple's Device Enrollment Program (DEP).

Enrolling a device allows you to manage settings and apps on the device. You can also sync, wipe, lock, or unlock the device from the console.

NOTE: If you plan to distribute documents or links to users, they must also install the Ivanti Workspaces app.

For more information about device enrollment, see the following sections:

Enrolling devices in Android Enterprise

Chromebook enrollment

Enrolling Mac devices

Enrolling iOS devices

Apple device deployment programs (DEP)

Windows direct to core enrollment

Azure AD enrollment

Deep link enrollment

Group policy enrollment

Installing the agent for hybrid management

Mobile enrollment groups

Enrollment agreements

Unenrolling devices