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This topic lists the Settings menu items in the Configuration Console and the related documentation. You can access other workspaces in the Configuration Console from the Search Objects dialog box.

Section Subsection Workspace Help Topic
Home     About the Configuration Console
  Users and Permissions

Using Contact Groups

    Roles Working with Roles
    Roles and Permissions
    Teams Working with Teams
    Users Working with Users
  Organization Profile

Account Information

Entering Account Information

    Application Setup Setting Up the Application
    Business Hours Setting Up Hours of Operation
    Currencies Working with Currencies
    Departments Working with Departments
    Employment Types Creating an Employment Type
    Languages Setting Up Languages
    Org Chart Working with Organization Charts
    Organizational Units Defining Your Organization
    Child Tenants Creating a Child Tenant

Supporting Organizations

Working with Supporting Organizations

Time Zones

Working with Dates, Times, and Time Zones
  Security Controls

Allowed File Extensions

Working with Attachment Types
    API Keys Working with API Keys
    Authentication Providers Working with ADFS/SAML
    External Logins Viewing a List of Users with External Logins
    Security and Session Setting Up User Login
  Communication Templates

Communication Manager

Working with the Communication Manager
    Score Card Configs Using the Score Card
    Surveys Setting Up Surveys
  Email Configuration

Mail Boxes

Working with Email Inboxes


Working with Email Servers

Cache Management

  Clearing the Cache
  Announcements   Announcements and FAQs
  Alerts   About Alerts
  Automation Tools

Escalation Schedules

Creating an Escalation
    Metadata Validation Config Working with Metadata
    Metadata Validation Run Working with Metadata
    Metadata Auto Fix (BETA) Working with Metadata
    Object Matching Lists  
    Object Templates Using Business Object Templates
    Quick Actions Using Quick Actions
    Saved Searches Using Saved Searches
    Watch Lists Using the Watch List
  Business Objects   Working with Business Objects
  Object Explorer   Viewing a Layout for a Business Object or a Pick List
  Validation Business Objects   Using Validation Business Objects

Workflow Instances

Working with Workflow Instances
    Workflows About Workflows
  Charts and Graphs    

Configuring the Change Calendar

    Gantt Charts Creating a Gantt Chart
    Dashboards Working with Dashboards


  Using Counters
  Global Constants   Default Global Constants
  Mobile Layouts   Configuring Mobile Layouts
  Page Layouts   Assigning Layouts (Workspaces) to Roles
  Pick Lists   Using Pick Lists
  Reports   Working with Reports and Report Management
  Search Tools    
    Saved Searches Using Saved Searches
    Filter Searches

Working with Filter Panels for Searching

    Full-Text Indexes  
  User Interface Styles
    List Settings Working with Lists

Highlighter Styles

Using Highlighter Styles
    Style Editor  
  Self Service

Home Page

Changing the Default Look of the Self-Service Portal
    Tabs Changing the Tabs on the Self-Service Portal
    Configure Access Configuring Request Offering Access
  HEAT Development Project    
    Projects Using the Ivanti Neurons for ITSM Development Project
    Transaction Details Using the Ivanti Neurons for ITSM Development Project
    Transaction Sets Using the Ivanti Neurons for ITSM Development Project
  HEAT Development Package    
    Packages Using the Ivanti Neurons for ITSM Development Project
  Integration Tools
    Data Import Connections Data Import Connections

Data Export Connections

Exporting Data
    Integration Log Viewing the Integration Log

Integration History

Viewing the Integration Status and History

Integration Queue

Viewing the Integration Status and History

LDAP Import Log

Viewing the LDAP Import Log

LDAP Settings

Configuring LDAP Settings

Remote Host Connections

Using the Run Program for the Remote Host
    Web Service Connections (BETA) Working with Web Service Script Integration
    WSDL and Script Repository Working with the WSDL and Script Repository
  Voice Integration

Activity Call Results


Agent Skills

Configuring Agent Voice Settings

Hybrid Configuration

Hybrid Configuration
    Skills About Customizing Your Ivanti Voice-to-Ivanti-Neurons for ITSM Integration

Skill Groups

Creating Skill Groups
    Synchronization Status Synchronizing the Voice Status
  HEAT DSM Integration   Working with DSM
  SAP Integration   Configuring SAP® Integration
  HEAT Discovery   Getting Started with Discovery
  HEAT API   Working with the Web API
  Application Logs

CMDB Baseline Log

Viewing the CMDB Baseline Log
    Integration Log Viewing the Integration Log
    LDAP Import Log Viewing the LDAP Import Log
    Logging Configuration Viewing the Logging Configuration

Service Log


Run Program History

Using the Run Program / Export History Workspace
    Transaction Audit Log About the Transaction Audit Log
  System Audit History   About Accessing the Audit History
  Patch Logs   Viewing the Patch Log
  Scheduled Jobs   About the Schedule Entry and Scheduled Jobs Workspaces
  Security History   Working with Security History