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Android Enterprise

Android Enterprise offers secure management of Android devices through a selection of different management modes. Use Avalanche to create an Android Enterprise account and manage your devices.

The Android Enterprise enabler can operate in the following management modes:

Work profile mode is typically used for employee-owned devices (BYOD), since it creates a work profile that is distinct from the rest of the device. Work profiles keep the user's work related accounts, apps, and data separate from their personal data. For more information, see Work Profile Mode. (Requires Android 5.1+.)

Fully managed mode is typically used for company-owned devices, since it has full control over the device and its data. Fully managed device mode offers extensive control over device apps, policies, and settings. For more information, see Fully Managed Mode. (Requires Android 6.0+.)

Dedicated device mode locks fully managed devices to a single app or set of apps. Dedicated device mode (also known as kiosk mode) is a subset of fully managed mode. To put a device into dedicated device mode, enroll it as a fully managed device then use a restrictions payload to enable kiosk mode. For more information, see Restrictions Payload. (Requires Android 6.0+.)

Android Enterprise requirements:

Android devices require an SSL certificate to securely connect to the smart device server. For more information, see Obtaining SSL Certificates.

The connection between the web console and the Avalanche web server must be secured. For information about securing the connection, see Accessing the Web Console Over an HTTPS Connection.

Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) is required to establish communication between Avalanche’s smart device server and your enterprise enrolled Android devices. For information about enabling FCM, see Configuring FCM for Android.

For information about Android Enterprise modes, enrollment, and features, see the following sections:

Creating an Enterprise Account

Connecting Android Devices

Work Profile Mode

Fully Managed Mode

Scan to Enroll

Android Enterprise Payloads

Configuring Enterprise Apps

Setting Enterprise App Permissions

Unenrolling an Enterprise Account

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