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Version 2023.1 - File Director

Regular 4.16

macOS 4.2.0

This release contains bug fixes and the following updates.

AES 256 support for Kerberos encryption

Following the 2023.1 release, we now support AES 256 encryption for Kerberos, however we no longer support RC4 and 3DES. Going forward, we only support AES 128 and AES 256 encryption when using Kerberos authentication.

Please note that third-party storage filers such as NetApp may need to have AES enabled in order to continue to work with this release if they have not been configured to use AES 128 and 256 encryption.

Fission resource limit improvements

Previously, expired entries within Fission would only be cleaned up when reading entries from the Fission store or during a periodic clean-up thread. If write attempts were made during this time, an exception would be returned. We have improved this behavior, so that we now attempt to perform a clean-up of expired entries when writing to the Fission store if it has reached its capacity before returning the exception. We have also improved the logging and error handling in this area so more meaningful error messages are shown in the server logs and syslog audit stream.

FreeBSD upgrade to 12.4

The operating system has been upgraded to FreeBSD 12.4 as the current version (12.3) is expected to be end of life from 31st March 2023.

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