Orchestration Pack for Cisco CloudCenter™ 1.0

Understand the requirements and high-level configuration steps for the Cisco CloudCenter™ mApp® Solution. Use the mApp Solution to deploy CloudCenter applications and data to a configured data center or cloud environment using the CSM Service Request process.

This is a Cherwell Labs mApp Solution. Functionality, testing, and documentation are limited or incomplete. Cherwell support is not provided for this mApp Solution, so install it at your own risk on a test environment before installing it on a production system.

Platform Version Requirements: Tested on CSM 9.3.0

Cisco CloudCenter™ Version Requirements: Tested on Cisco CloudCenter 4.8.X

Out-of-the-Box Content Version Requirements: Tested on CSM 9.3.0

Other Requirements: Verify that your organization has an active instance of Cisco CloudCenter.


Cisco CloudCenter is a cloud management solution that leverages application-centric technology to provision infrastructure resources and deploy applications to data center, private cloud, and public cloud environments. The Cisco CloudCenter Integration mApp Solution allows Users to deploy application profiles and related components and data to a configured data center or cloud environment using the Service Request process. Customers can easily request a new application deployment from the Service Catalog. After the request is submitted, a User fulfills it using the Specifics Form on the Service Request Form.

How the mApp Solution Works

Item Category Item Typical Merge Action
Automation Process Definitions Check Request Status, Request VM Import
Business Objects Application Manager, Config - CC Application, Specifics-VM, VM Blueprint, VM Cloud, VM CPU, VM Default Size, VM Request, VM Size, VM Virtual Memory, VM Volume Import
Change Request, CI VM Status, Config - Computer, Configuration Item, Customer, Customer - Internal, Installed Software, Journal, Specifics, User Info Don't change
Incident, Incident SubCategory Merge
One-Steps Add Blueprints, Add New Size, Assign to ANY Individual, Assign to Individual, Assign to Team, CloudCenter Request and Submit, Create CI, Date Time Info Popup, Delete All Records, Focus App Tab, Focus CI Tab, Focus Cloud Tab, Get App IDs, Get Available Apps, Get Cloud Options, Get New Asset Tag, Get Tier Details, Get VM Details, Import CIs, Populate Records with Apps, Ready to Provision, Request Status Update, Run Action, Set Application Manager ID, Take Ownership, Update All, Update Application Status, Update CIs, Update Clouds, Update Sizes, Update VM Blueprints Import
Create an Incident, Email Current Customer, Get New Asset Tag Overwrite
Dial Customer Phone Don't Change
Stored Expressions Action Text, Asset Tag, Config Type Constraint, Constraint Message Max, Constraint Message Min, Requirements for Approval, Storage Constraint, Storage Constraint Background Color, Team Entitlement, User Entitlement, User Entitlements, User Entitlements on Behalf Of Import
Disabled Specifics Color, Disabled Specifics Color - Border Overwrite
CMDB Permanent Fields Locked, Count Open Incidents, Disable Specifics Don't Change
Stored Queries All VR Requests, CloudCenter Manager Import
Stored Values CloudCenter URL, Debug, Password, Username, Variable, VM App IDs Import
Lock CMDB Permanent Fields Overwrite
Web Services CloudCenter Import

Merge Action Key:

  • Import: Add new item.
  • Overwrite: Replace target item.
  • Merge: Merge differences.
  • Don't Change: Referenced by the mApp Solution, but not altered in any way. The mApp Solution includes the definition for informational purposes only (the definition is not imported into the target system).

Steps to Apply the mApp Solution

To apply the mApp Solution, perform the following high-level steps:

  1. Review the recommendations and considerations for applying mApp Solutions. For more information, see Considerations for Applying mApp Solutions.
  2. Extract the mApp Solution .zip file to a location that can be accessed by CSM.
  3. In CSM Administrator, use the Apply mApp Wizard to apply the mApp Solution. For more information, see Apply a mApp Solution. Select the topic that matches your version of CSM.

Steps to Configure the mApp Solution in CSM Administrator

  1. Configure Security Rights for the Cisco CloudCenter™ Specifics Form
  2. Add the Cisco CloudCenter™ Form Control to the Incident Subcategory Form
  3. Define Search Results Image Properties for CloudCenter™ Applications
  4. Add Account Credentials to the CloudCenter™ Web Service
  5. Configure Approvals for Cisco CloudCenter™ Application Service Requests

Steps to Configure the mApp Solution in the CSM Browser Client

  1. Create a Category and Subcategory for Cloud Applications
  2. Create a CloudCenter™ Manager Record
  3. Import Cisco CloudCenter™ Data
  4. Add VM Size Options for CloudCenter™ Applications
  5. Activate Imported CloudCenter™ Applications
  6. Create a Cloud Record for an Application
  7. Import Active Deployments as Configuration Items

How to Use the mApp Solution

  1. Request a Cisco CloudCenter™ Application in the Customer Portal
  2. Approve a Service Request for an Application
  3. Check the Status of a Build
  4. Run an Action Against a Deployment