Add a Label Control to a Form

Use the Form Editor (accessed from within a Blueprint in CSM Administrator) to add a Label control to a form.

Good to Know:

  • A Label control is highly configurable; you can add one or many to a form, then define how the label looks and behaves on the form (example: Text, tooltip, size, color, border style, image, alignment, anchoring, layering, and visibility).
  • By default, Label control text, colors, and border style come from the defined Form Theme.
  • Text, image, and colors can be conditional (expression-driven).
  • To include an ampersand character (&) in a Label control, enter two ampersands (&&). One ampersand is used to designate a keyboard accelerator, so entering a double ampersand escapes the accelerator and ensures that a single ampersand is displayed.
  • See Form Editor Behaviors for tips on working with controls and the Form Editor.

To add a Label control to a form:

  1. Open a form in the Form Editor.
  2. Drag-and-drop the Label control from the Standard Control tree onto the form.
  3. Define the text to display on the label:
    1. In the Label text box on the Form Editor toolbar, provide the text to display on the button.
    2. (Optional) Change the font, font size, font style, and font alignment if needed.
  4. Define how the form control looks and behaves on the form (example: Size, alignment, etc.).
  5. Publish the Blueprint to commit the changes, or save the Blueprint to continue making other changes.