Add Copy Limit

You can create permission rules for users and user groups that limit the amount of data that can be copied to a device on a daily basis. These are copy limit rules.

When a user reaches the copy limit, they cannot copy, move, or replace files on a device.

Restriction: You can only define copy limits for the Floppy Disk Drive and Removable Storage Devices device classes.

  1. In the Management Console select View Modules Device Explorer.
  2. In the Default settings or Machine-specific settings division of the Device Explorer hierarchical structure, right-click a device class.
  3. Select Copy Limit from the right-mouse menu.
  4. Click Add.
    The Select Group, User, Local Group, Local User dialog opens.
  5. Click Search or Browse to select a user or user group.
  6. Select the user or user group and click Next.
  7. In the Choose Permission dialog, enter a value in the Assign Copy Limit field.
    The value entered represents data in megabytes (MB). The default setting of zero (0) represents an unlimited copy limit value. The user daily copied data total automatically resets to zero at midnight, locally.
  8. Click Next.
  9. From the Finish dialog, click Finish.
    The copy limit rule permission details are shown in the Details and Permissions columns of the Device Explorer hierarchical structure.

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