Assign Temporary Permissions to Users

You can assign time-limited, once-per-occurrence permission rules on a computer-specific basis for user access to a device.

An administrator can allow access to a device for a limited period without having to subsequently delete the permission. This provides some reduction in administrative burden.

  1. In the Management Console, select View > Modules > Device Explorer.
  2. From the Machine-specific settings division of the Device Explorer hierarchical structure, select computer or computer group.
  3. Right-click a device or device class.
  4. Select Add Temporary Permissions from the right-mouse menu.
    The Choose User on (per selected device) dialog opens.
  5. Click Add.
    The Select Group, User, Local Group, Local User dialog opens.
  6. Click Search or Browse to select a user or user group.
  7. Select a user or user group and click OK.
    The Choose Permission dialog opens.
  8. Click Next.
  9. Select the Read and/or Write permissions that you want to apply.
  10. Click Next.
    The Choose Period dialog opens.
  11. Select one of the following options:
  12. Options



    Permission rules apply immediately (within 5 minutes).


    Permission rules apply for the period you specify.

  13. Click Next.
  14. Click Finish.
    The temporary permission access rules appear in the Details column of the Device Explorer window.
  • Permission Priority Precedence
    Permission for users to access removable storage media is assigned by rules defined in both the Device Explorer and Media Authorizer modules.
  • Permission Priority Order
    When a user is in multiple groups or has a specific permission set applied, conflicts are resolved using a defined priority order.

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