File Filters

You can assign file filters to user access permissions rules that limit access to specific file types.

The following rules apply to file filters.

  • You can define separate file filtering rules for Read, Write, and Read/Write permissions.
  • File filters are only available for use with the Removable Storage Devices, Floppy Disk Drives, and DVD/CD Drives device classes.

    If you activate the File Filtering feature for the DVD/CD class, the user will not be able to burn such media. In the File Type Filtering dialog under the Permissions section, you will not be able to select the Export option when file filtering is activated for this class. The user will be able to burn a DVD/CD once the file filtering is deleted.

  • You can only assign file filtering rules individually to users and user groups.
  • Permissions rules without file filtering always take precedence over rules with file filtering.
  • When using File Type Filtering you cannot burn CD/DVD media.
  • File Type Filtering rules cannot be combined with the Bus option in the same permissions rule.
  • The archive types supported by File Filters are: Zip Compressed Archive, Protected Zip Compressed Archive, WinRAR Compressed Archive, Protected WinRAR Compressed Archive, WinACE Compressed Archive, Microsoft Cabinet Compressed Archive, Microsoft LZ Compressed Archive, PRIM'X ZED Compressed Archive, 7-zip Compressed Archive, Protected 7-zip Compressed Archive, GZip Compressed Archive, ISO Compressed Archive, VHD Compressed Archive.

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