Building Block Definitions

Building blocks in the edit pane of the Application Builder are arranged on three tabs:

System Tab

Contacts Search Block

Custom JavaScript Code Block

DB Access Block

DB Access Next Record Block

DB Open Block

EMail Block

Exception Handler Block

Exit Application Block

Goto Block

If Block

Log Block

Set Prompt Language Block

Set Interaction Property Block

Set Service Block

SMS Block

Start Another Application Block

Twitter Block

UM Crypt Block

UM Get Configuration Block

Telephony and Routing Tab

ASR Menu Block

Complete Call Transfer Block

Connect Call Block

Get DTMF String Block

Make Call Block

Menu Block

MWI Block

Play Prompt Block

Record File Block

Request Skill Block

Route to Agent Block

Transfer Call Block

Integrations Tab

The Integrations tab blocks will only appear in the Application Builder if the corresponding integration was installed.

FRS Foundation Alpha Search Block

FRS Foundation Create Block

FRS Foundation Journal Voice Block

FRS Foundation Next Item Block

FRS Foundation Screenpop Definition Block

FRS Foundation Search Block

FRS Foundation Update Block

FRS SaaS Run QuickAction Block

FRS SaaS Screenpop Definition Block

GoldMine Auto-Complete Activity Block

GoldMine Auto-Schedule Activity Block

GoldMine Screenpop Block

GoldMine Search Block

GoldMine Update Block

HEAT Alpha Search Block

HEAT Create Call Block

HEAT Create Customer Block

HEAT Modify Call Block

HEAT Next Item Block

HEAT Screenpop Definition Block

HEAT Search Block

HEAT Update Block

Reset Password Block

Web Screenpop Block