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About Environment Manager Tools
Environment Manager Monitor
Load a Log File from Disk
View Raw Logs from Live or Disk
Analyze Log Files from Disk
User Scenarios
Environment Manager Logging Setup
Personalization Server Log Viewer
Environment Manager Log File Conversion
EMP File Utility
EMP Migrate Utility
EMP Migrate Command Line Utility
EMP Registry Utility
File Based Registry Explorer
What's new in this release?
About Environment Manager
File Menu
Quick Access Toolbar
Find and Replace
Service Packs
Best Practices
Keyboard Shortcuts
Wildcards and Regular Expressions
Performance Monitor Counters
Policy Overview
About Policy
Managing Policy Configurations
Advanced Configuration Settings
Personalization Servers Policy
Run As
Group Policy Location
Configuration Change Tracking
Configuration Tasks
Configuration Layering
Manage Layered Configurations
Configuration Dependencies
Configuration Endpoint Merging
Merging Configurations
Live Configuration Rules
Node Management
Reusable Nodes
Condition Management
Registry Conditions
File and Folder
Directory Membership
Session & Client
Reusable Conditions
Environment Conditions
Flow Control
Cache Roaming for Virtual Sessions
Group Policy Object (GPO) Import
Action Management
Registry Actions
File and Folder
Copy File Action
Delete File
Move File
Rename File
Modify File Attributes
File Type Associations
Create Text File
Update Text File
Create Folder
Copy Folder Actions
Delete Folder
Folder Redirection
Drives and Printers
ODBC (Open Database Connectivity)
Custom and Execute
Group Policy
Environment Actions
Logon/Logoff Message
Fast Logoff
Self Heal
File Director
Set Desktop Wallpaper
Automation Integration
Policy Template
Windows 10 Start Menu Builder
Configuration Profiler
Group SID Refresh
Lockdown Mangement
General Wizard
Message Libraries
App-V 4.x Wizard
Personalization Overview
About Personalization
Designing and Implementing Environment Manager Personalization
User Personalization Architecture
Configure Personalization Servers
Personalization Servers Policy
Personalization Groups
Personalization Group Arrangement
Personalization Group Settings
Personalization Group Membership Rules
Application Personalization for Personalization Groups
Add Existing Application Groups
Add Existing Ungrouped Applications
Add a New Application to a Personalization Group by Name
Add a New Application to a Personalization Group from Application Data Collection
Add a New Application to a Personalization Group from Automatic Configuration
Add a New Application to a Personalization Group from Manual Configuration
Add a New Application Group to a Personalization Group from Template
Personalization Group Application Clashes
Profile Migration
Profile Migration PowerShell Interface
Excluded Users
Environment Manager Endpoint Self-Service Tool
Application Personalization
Application Groups
Path Based Configuration of Application Groups
Application Group Templates
Inclusions and Exclusions
Application Group Inclusions and Exclusions
Global Inclusions and Exclusions
Application Inclusions and Exclusions
Application Data Collection
Windows Personalization
Environment Manager Sites
Import and Export Configurations
Access Rights
Advanced Settings
Application Exclusions
Data Collection Settings
GeoSync cmdlets
Satellite Database as a GeoSync Subscriber
Personalization Analysis
Size and Usage Reports
Archive Reports
Environment Manager Support Console
Streamed Applications
Support for Citrix Offline Plug-in 6.0

This page refers to an older version of the product.
View the current version of the User Help.