What's new in Ivanti® Endpoint Manager and Endpoint Security for Endpoint Manager

Ivanti® Endpoint Manager and Endpoint Security for Endpoint Manager has switched to an annual release schedule. This new schedule consists of a major yearly release, and then ongoing cumulative service updates for that release that may contain new features.

Not all updates in a release require documentation changes. For a complete list of updates, refer to the release's Ivanti Community readme.

Version 2022

  • Initial release readme (Ivanti Community)
  • Web Console 2.0. Now supports 1:1 software distribution to a device.
  • Windows Autopilot. Improved PowerShell support and group handling.
  • macOS. Inventory scan times are substantially faster.
  • Queries. Query import dialog box no longer has a 50-input limit.
  • Remote control. Removed legacy and HTML remote control support. These old remote control platforms have been replaced with remote control WS, introduced originally in version 2018.1.
  • Agents. Removed agent support for AIX, HP-UX, and Solaris.
  • Beta agent. You can test a new, optional beta agent for Windows devices that uses our new engine-based agent architecture.

Version 2022 service updates

Service update documentation changes:

Version 2021.1

Version 2021.1 service updates

Service update documentation changes:

Version 2020.1

Version 2020.1 service updates

Service update documentation changes:

Version 2019.1

  • Initial release readme (Ivanti Community).
  • Agentless remote control. Self-contained remote control agent application for Windows and macOS devices.
  • Standalone remote control viewer. Self-contained remote control viewer application for administrators and helpdesk personnel.
  • Patch impact analysis. Analyze the impact of patches on your environment before you deploy them.
  • Patch definition filtering. Helps you easily define what you want to patch in your environment.
  • CVE to patch. Import a .csv formatted list of CVEs and automatically map them to patch data.
  • Endpoint Security agent settings interface simplification. It's now easier to configure Endpoint Security agent settings.
  • Software distribution Windows action improvements. More supported Windows actions with enhanced reboot and logging support.
  • Core sync security improvements. Core sync now uses certificates and trust relationships between core servers. When upgrading to 2019.1, you must configure these items for core sync to work.
  • Client cache retention customization. You can now customize distribution and patch cache retention for packages and patches. This customization overrides the default global cache retention settings.
  • Privilege management. Integration with the Ivanti Application Control product so you can deploy Application Control configurations using Enpoint Manager.
  • New MDM payloads. New settings payloads have been added to the configuration profile editor for macOS configurations, macOS device configurations, mobile compliance, iOS configurations, tvOS configurations, and Windows configurations.
  • New Apple mobile device commands. Send commands to Apple mobile devices to restart, shutdown, or enable lost mode on a device. These commands can be sent by right-clicking on a device in the inventory or through the diagnostics tool.

Version 2019.1 service updates

Service update documentation changes: