What's new

Upgrading via content package updates
Existing Ivanti Neurons for ITAM customers can upgrade to the latest product functionality by applying free content packages from the Ivanti Marketplace (under the Product > Asset Management category). You'll find instructions online for how to download the packages. It's highly recommended that you stay current on these updates.

There's also a category of optional content packages that you may want to apply. For details, see Optional content packages.

New for 2021.2

New IoT hardware asset type. The Hardware Assets workspace has a new asset type for IoT devices that includes a number of corresponding subtypes. For details about asset types, see Hardware assets.

Offline barcode scanning. Ivanti's smartphone app for scanning hardware assets now supports offline scanning. If internet connectivity is lost while you’re logged into the app, you can continue scanning barcodes as you would normally. Once you're back online, the app will automatically sync the scans with the database. For details, see Scans via smartphones.