What's new

Upgrading via content package updates
Existing Ivanti Neurons for ITAM customers can upgrade to the latest product functionality by applying free content packages from the Ivanti Marketplace. You'll find instructions there for how to download the packages. It's highly recommended that you stay current on these updates.

There's also a category of optional content packages that you may want to apply. For details, see Optional content packages.

New for 2023.1

Ability to assign consumables to individual users or financial owners. From the Hardware Assets workspace, you can assign consumables to users and financial owners (similar to how you assign other types of assets). For details, see the procedure for assigning a consumable to a user or financial owner in Hardware assets.

Support for creating a template record for consumables as part of a purchase order. You can create template records for consumables to be purchased as part of a purchase order (similar to how you create template records for other assets). For details, see the procedure for creating a purchase order in Procurement.