What's new

Upgrading via content package updates
Existing Ivanti Neurons for ITAM customers can upgrade to the latest product functionality by applying free content packages from the Ivanti Marketplace (under the Product > Asset Management category). You'll find instructions there for how to download the packages. It's highly recommended that you stay current on these updates.

There's also a category of optional content packages that you may want to apply. For details, see Optional content packages.

New for 2022.2

Ability to integrate with Ivanti Neurons for Spend Intelligence. You can link ITAM Cloud with Ivanti Neurons for Spend Intelligence so that a single set of data relating to software-asset contracts and contract line items is automatically passed between the two databases. For details, see Integrating with Ivanti Neurons for Spend Intelligence.

ITAM Cloud support for multiple warranties per asset. ITAM Cloud can sync with Ivanti Neurons to retrieve and display multiple warranties for a given asset (such as computers that often include separate warranties for their associated components). Additional warranties associated with an asset are located under a new Warranties tab in the Hardware Assets workspace. For details, see Hardware assets.

Support for ITAM On-Premises integration with Ivanti Neurons for Discovery. You can synchronize device and invoice records from Ivanti Neurons for Discovery with your local implementation of ITAM On-Premises (this feature is also supported by ITAM Cloud). You can also set up a data-sync schedule as often as hourly and determine the number of records to be imported during a specific schedule. For details, see Integrating with Ivanti Neurons for Discovery.