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Release Notes
Version 14.03.00 Release Notes
Version 14.02.00 Release Notes
Version 14.01.00 Release Notes
Version 14.00.00 Release Notes
Version 13.23.00 Release Notes
Version 13.22.00 Release Notes
Version 13.21.00 Release Notes
Version 13.20.00 Release Notes
Version 13.19.00 Release Notes
Version 13.18.00 Release Notes
Version 13.17.00 Release Notes
Version 13.16.00 Release Notes
Version 13.15.00 Release Notes
Version 13.14.00 Release Notes
Version 13.13.00 Release Notes
Version 13.12.00 Release Notes
Version 13.11.00 Release Notes
Version 13.10.00 Release Notes
Version 13.09.00 Release Notes
Version 13.08.00 Release Notes
Version 13.07.00 Release Notes
Version 13.06.00 Release Notes
Version 13.05.00 Release Notes
Version 13.04.00 Release Notes
Version 13.03.00 Release Notes
Version 13.02.00 Release Notes
Version 13.01.00 Release Notes
Version 13.00.00 Release Notes
Version 12.03.03 Release Notes
Version 12.03.02 Release Notes
Version 12.03.01 Release Notes
Version 12.03.00 Release Notes
Version 12.02.01 Release Notes
Version 12.02.00 Release Notes
Version 12.01.02 Release Notes
Version 12.01.01 Release Notes
Version 12.01.00 Release Notes
Version 12.00.01 Release Notes
Version 12.00.00 Release Notes
Version 11.14.00 Release Notes
Version 11.13.00 Release Notes
Version 11.12.00 Release Notes
Version 11.11.00 Release Notes
Version 11.10.00 Release Notes
Version 11.09.00 Release Notes
Version 11.08.00 Release Notes
Version 11.07.00 Release Notes
Version 11.06.00 Release Notes
Version 11.05.00 Release Notes
Version 11.04.00 Release Notes
Version 11.03.00 Release Notes
Version 11.02.00 Release Notes
Version 11.01.00 Release Notes
Version 11.00.00 Release Notes
Version 10.07.00 Release Notes
Version 10.06.00 Release Notes
Version 10.05.00 Release Notes
Version 10.04.00 Release Notes
Version 10.03.00 Release Notes
Version 10.02.00 Release Notes
Version 10.01.00 Release Notes
Version 10.00.00 Release Notes
Version 9.06.00 Release Notes
Version 9.05.00 Release Notes
Version 9.04.00 Release Notes
Version 9.03.02 Release Notes
Version 9.03.01 Release Notes
Version 9.03.00 Release Notes
Version 9.02.00 Release Notes
Version 9.01.00 Release Notes
Version 9.00.00 Release Notes
Version 8.22.00 Release Notes
Version 8.21.00 Release Notes
Version 8.20.00 Release Notes
Version 8.19.00 Release Notes
Version 8.18.02 Release Notes
Version 8.18.01 Release Notes
Version 8.18.00 Release Notes
Version 8.17.05 Release Notes
Version 8.17.04 Release Notes
Version 8.17.03 Release Notes
Version 8.17.02 Release Notes
Version 8.17.01 Release Notes
Version 8.17.00 Release Notes
Version 8.16.01 Release Notes
Version 8.16.00 Release Notes
Version 8.15.00 Release Notes
Version 8.14.00 Release Notes
Version 8.13.0 Release Notes
Version 8.12.0 Release Notes
Version 8.11.01 Release Notes
Version 8.11.0 Release Notes
Version 8.10.0 Release Notes
Version 8.9.0 Release Notes
Version 8.8.0 Release Notes
Version 8.7.0 Release Notes
Version 8.6.0 Release Notes
Version 8.5.0 Release Notes
Version 8.4.0 Release Notes
Version 8.3.0 Release Notes
Archived Announcements
End-of-Life (EOL) Communication - Q4 2022 EOL Widgets
End-of-Life (EOL) Communication - Q3 2022 EOL Widgets
End-of-Life Communication - Multi-Client Dashboard
Upcoming Feature - Workflow Enhancements
End-of-Life (EOL) Communication - Q4 2021 EOL Widgets
Getting Started
Accessing Ivanti Neurons for RBVM
Logging into Ivanti Neurons for RBVM
Logging into Ivanti Neurons for RBVM Using SAML
Resetting Your Password
Logging Out of Ivanti Neurons for RBVM
Getting Started
Filter Interactions between List View v2 Components
Decommissioned Assets and their Vulnerabilities
Duplicate Assets
Ransomware Funnel: Overview
Groups: Overview
Default Group: Overview
Assessments: Overview
Filtering Examples
Icons and Navigation
Navigation Menu: Overview
Data Processing Status Icons
Clearing Notifications from the Alert Window
Finding Your Client ID
List View Customization
List View v2 Changes
List View v2 Saved Views Update
Saving List View Settings
Saved Views: Overview
Apply Views and View Filters
Creating a View
Updating a View
Sharing a View
Setting the Default View
Managing Client Defaults
Resetting a List View to its Default State
v2 List View Column and Row Settings
Reporting a Bug
Reporting a Bug in Ivanti Neurons
Identity & Access Management (IAM)
Identity and Access Management
Roles: Overview
Privileges: Overview
Vulnerability Risk Rating and Ivanti RS³
How Vulnerability Risk Ratings Are Used
Vulnerability Risk Rating (VRR), Severity, CVSS, and Scanner Severity
Ivanti RS³ Platform Changes: Overview
RS³ Simulator Guide
Asset Metric Exclusion
Users Page: Overview
Creating a New User Account
Disabling a User
Giving a User the Read Only Role
Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) Setup Guide
Creating a SAML User
Usernames Must Be Unique
RiskSense On-Site Application (ROSA)
RiskSense On-Site Application (ROSA) OVA: Overview
RiskSense On-Site Appliance (ROSA) v1 OVA (Legacy): Overview
User Settings: Overview
Updating Your User Profile/Contact Information
Generating an API Token
Two-Factor Authentication: Overview
Setting Up a Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Device
Data Ingestion & Outcomes
Manual Uploads
Manually Uploading Scan Files
Generic Upload Guide
Required Fields For Generic Upload
Creating a Scanner from the Scanners Page
Connector Guides
Sonatype Nexus Lifecycle Connector Guide
Ivanti Neurons for Patch Management Connector Guide Connector Guide
Prisma Cloud Compute Connector Guide
Palo Alto Xpanse - Expander Connector Guide
Checkmarx Static Application Security Testing (SAST) Connector Guide
ServiceNow Incident Connector Guide
Burp Suite Enterprise Connector Guide
Micro Focus Fortify on Demand Connector Guide
Cherwell Service Management Connector Guide
ServiceNow Configuration Management Database (CMDB) Connector Guide
Qualys VM/VMDR Connector Guide
CrowdStrike Falcon Spotlight Connector Guide
BMC Remedy ITSM Connector Guide
Checkmarx Open Source Analysis (OSA) Connector Guide
HCL AppScan on Cloud (ASoC) Connector Guide
Rapid7 Nexpose Connector Guide
SonarCloud Connector Guide
SonarQube Connector Guide
Qualys Policy Compliance (PC) Connector Guide
Qualys Vulnerability Management Connector Guide
Tenable Nessus/ Connector Guide
Qualys Asset Connector Guide
Veracode Connector Guide
Rapid7 AppSpider Connector Guide
Snyk Connector Guide
Tenable Security Center Connector Guide
Edgescan Connector Guide
Synopsis Black Duck Connector Guide
Amazon Web Services Amazon Inspector Connector User Guide
Amazon Inspector Classic Connector User Guide
Aqua Security Connector Guide
Atlassian Jira Connector Guide
Micro Focus Fortify Software Security Center (SSC) Connector Guide
Netsparker Enterprise Connector Guide
Qualys Web Application Scanning (WAS) Connector Guide
Claroty CTD Connector Guide
Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Connector Guide
Data Export Guides
Snyk Data Export Guide
Rapid7 Nexpose Data Export Guide
Greenbone OpenVAS Data Export Guide
Netsparker Data Export Guide Data Export Guide
Veracode DAST Data Export Guide
Report Setup Guides
Rapid7 Nexpose Vulnerability Report Setup Guide
Qualys Vulnerability Report Setup Guide
Rapid7 Nexpose Tag Report Setup Guide
Other Guides
Tanium Connect Manual Upload Guide
Qualys Web Application Scanning (WAS) Data Export and Report Setup Guide
Networks: Overview
Networks Page: Overview
Creating a Network
Editing a Network
Deleting a Network
Asset Identification for Deduplication
Assessments Page: Overview
Creating an Assessment
Editing an Assessment
Deleting an Assessment
Downloading Attack Surface Validation (Penetration Test) Reports
Locking an Assessment
Unlocking an Assessment
Viewing an Assessment’s History
Hosts: Overview
Deleting a Host
Adding a Note to a Host
Adding a Host to a Group
Removing a Host from a Group
Changing a Host’s Network
Setting a Host's Asset Address Type
Setting a Host’s Asset Criticality
Applications: Overview
Creating an Application
Editing an Application
Deleting an Application
Adding a Note to an Application
Adding an Application to a Group
Removing an Application from a Group
Changing an Application’s Network
Setting an Application's Asset Address Type
Setting an Application’s Asset Criticality
Host Findings
Host Findings: Overview
Host Finding Detail
Deleting a Host Finding
Adding a Note to a Host Finding
Creating a Host Finding Manually
Application Findings
Application Findings: Overview
Deleting an Application Finding
Adding a Note to an Application Finding
Creating a Connector
Exporting an SSL Certificate
Patches: Overview
Update Remediation By Assessment (URBA)
Update Remediation By Assessment (URbA): Overview
Update Remediation by Assessment and its Effects on Vulnerability Remediation Workflow States
Frequently Asked Questions
Status Date Fields Explained
Vulnerabilities and Exploits
Creating a Host Vulnerability
Creating an Application Vulnerability
ServiceNow Incident Connector Permissions
ServiceNow Service Request Connector Permissions
Organizing Your Data
Groups Page: Overview
Creating a Group
Editing a Group
Editing Custom Group Properties
Deleting a Group
Tags: Overview
Creating a Tag on the Tags Page
Creating a Tag from a List View Page
Editing a Tag
Deleting a Tag
Exporting Tag Data as a CSV File
RiskSense Attack Surface Tag
Walkthrough: Tag Creation and Application
Locked Tags
Filters: Overview
Active Filters: Overview
Setting an Active Filter
Clearing Active Filters from a Page
Saving a Filter
System Filters: SolarWinds Attack Surface and SolarWinds Orion Attack Surface
System Filter: FireEye Exposure
Attack Vectors - RS Filter
SMBGhost: Detailed Information and Ivanti Neurons for RBVM System Filter
System Filter: DHS-CISA-FBI Top 10
Group By
Group By: Overview
Group By Usage Guidelines
Group By: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Scanner-Specific Fields as Group By
Custom Attributes
Custom Attributes: Overview
Creating a Custom Attribute
Custom Attributes Data Types
Editing Custom Attributes
Assigning & Tracking
Workflows: Overview
Creating Workflows from the Workflows Page
Creating Workflows from a Findings List View
Adding Findings to a Workflow
Removing Findings from a Workflow
Approving a Workflow
Rejecting a Workflow
Copying a Workflow
Setting Workflows to Require Attachments
Removing Attachment Requirements from Workflows
Remediation: Overview
Risk Acceptance: Overview
Severity Update: Overview
False Positive: Overview
Automated Workflows: Overview
Playbooks: Overview
Playbooks: Detailed Walkthrough
Playbooks: Supported System Capabilities
Decommissioned Assets: Filter Configuration for Playbooks
Assigning a Vulnerability to Yourself
Assigning a Vulnerability to a User
Project Tags
Project Tags: Overview
Creating Tickets in ServiceNow
Service Level Agreements (SLA): Overview
Service Level Agreement (SLA) Detailed Walkthrough
SLA Overview Dashboard
Notifications: Overview
Deep Links: Overview
Dashboards & Reporting
Configurable Dashboards: Overview
Setting a Default Configurable Dashboard
Previewing a Dashboard
Previewing Configurable Dashboard Widgets
Printing a Dashboard through Chrome Browser
Groups Overview Dashboard: Overview
Prioritization Dashboard: Overview
Executive Dashboard: Overview
Ransomware Dashboard: Overview
Application Security Dashboard: Overview
Multi-Client Dashboard: Overview
Configurable Widgets
RS³ Timeline Widget Calculation Frequency
Widget Configuration: Overview
Group Metrics
Reporting: Overview
Reporting Templates: Overview
Viewing and Downloading a Sample PDF Report
Ivanti Neurons for RBVM Report Template Vulnerability Distributions are Uniqueness Count-Based
Exports & Downloads
Configurable Exports: Overview
Downloading a File from the Download Center
Downloading a File via Email Notification
Deleting a File from the Download Center
Workflows Page
Workflows Page: Overview
Tags Page
Tags Page: Overview
Jobs Page
Jobs Page: Overview
Vulnerability Knowledge Base (VULN KB)
Vulnerability Knowledge Base (VULN KB): Overview
User Widgets
User Widgets: Overview
Sharing User Widgets
Editing User Widgets
User Widgets: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Additional Information
Supported Browsers
Abbreviations and Acronyms
Supplemental Information
Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE): Overview
API Documentation: Overview
Getting Started
Application Finding
Application URL
Host Finding
Use Cases: Network Partitions
Toggling Between the Groups Page’s Card and List Views